The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph Adeola Fuwape the Chief Executive Officer of the University heads this Unit. Accordingly, the office handles all matters relating to the internal and external administration and interests of the University.



  The office:

  • maintains constant focus on the vision and mission of the university.
  • coordinates and supervises all academic and non-academic activities in the university.
  • acts as a channel of communication between the governing council and the university.
  • maintains external relations between the university and the media as well as other governmental bodies/agencies at both local and international levels.
  • ensures the welfare of both staff and students as well as industrial harmony within the university community.
  • facilitates the approval of and release of funds in line with the approved budget of the university.
  • coordinates and supervises the following units of the university administration:
    • Students Affairs Division
    • Directorate of Internal Audit
    • Directorate of Physical Planning
    • Directorate of Academic Planning
    • Management Information System (M.I.S.)
    • Information, Protocol, and Passages Unit
    • Legal Unit
    • Equipment Maintenance Centre
    • Industrial Training Unit
    • Computer Resource Centre
    • Centre for Research & Development
    • Development and Alum ni Relations Unit

Arms of the Office

There are two major arms of the office. The main/central office of the Vice-Chancellor and the sub-units listed above.

Within the central (main) office are seasoned administrative and secretarial staff who facilitate the strategic and routine duties of the Vice-Chancellor. The office also carries out other oversight functions in terms of facilitating the assignments of university committees, directorates and units.